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Calendar   Varsity Soccer Schedule

Week of 9/25
  • Monday 9/25 vs. Woodstown
  • Wednesday 9/27 vs. Gloucester Catholic
  • Friday 9/29 vs. Schalick

Calendar   Jv Soccer Schedule

Week of 9/25
  • Monday 9/25 vs. Woodstown
  • Wednesday 9/27 vs. Gloucester Catholic
  • Friday 9/29 vs. Schalick

Coach   Head Coach

Misty Russo

roster   Roster

First Name Last Name Grade Level
Lexi Grochowski 12
Megan Master 12
Cassidy McErlain 12
Maggie Benz 11
Carli Busler 11
Kayla DeCesari 11
Allison Gebhart 11
Haley Kahana 11
Madison Mace 11
Jenna McCarty 11
Megan Monteleone 11
Kim Musuras 11
Tressa Biener 10
Kylie Brown 10
Victoria Hassett 10
Ryleigh Huntsinger 10
Rebecca Kobik 10
Chloe Macauley 10
Shauna Marsh 10
Madison Maxwell 10
Elizabeth Nicell 10
Sarah Nicell 10
Hannah Patrignani 10
Kelsey Pio 10
Brianna Russo 10
Regan Powers 10
Kimberlee Stockdill 10
Skyla Vitullo 10
Kelly Freeman 9
Paige Cervini 9
Rena Donnelly 9
Peyton Gilmore 9
Jordan Jones 9
Emma McKeever 9
Alicia Monserrate 9
Gabrielle Nappa 9
Diona Scimeca 9
Alyssa Repp Manager
Dayla Fennal Manager
Katelyn Kavannagh Manager

Headlines and News

Brianna Russo Verbally Commits to Monmouth

Delsea's sophomore midfielder, Brianna Russo has verbally committed to Division 1 Monmouth University. "I wanted to play Division I soccer, but the area and size of the school were really important to me too," said Russo, who hinted that she wanted to stay somewhat closer to home. "Monmouth had everything I was looking for and more." Russo was one of the top freshman in the state last season, finishing with 20 goals, and 8 assists. This year, Russo is having a great start to the season with 6 goals and 10 assists. The Crusaders are having an undefeated season right now, standing at 7-0. Head coach, Misty Russo, also Brianna Russo's mom said, "Monmouth is in an environment where I think she will thrive and I couldn't be more happy for her." The sophomore has received tons of recognition, and if you see her in the hallway or out on the field, congratulate her.

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Delsea vs Highland (5-0)

In a well played game, Delsea takes the 5-0 win against Highland. Cassidy McErlain had 2 goals, and with one goal each was Peyton Gilmore, Hannah Patrignani, and Brianna Russo. With assists were Carli Busler with 2 of them. Maggie Benz and Peyton Gilmore also picked up an assist each.

Delsea vs Pennsville (2-0)

In a hard fought game, Delsea takes a 2-0 win against Pennsville. Both Cassidy McErlain and Peyton Gilmore had a goal, and with assists were Haley Kahana and Brianna Russo.

Delsea Girls Soccer Wants To Help Texas School Hit By Hurricane Harvey

Jamie Franks, the mother of Haley Kahana came into the school to talk to the principal about a Texas schools situation, they wanted to take it up right away. Over 1,900 students, teachers, and coaches lost personal belongings and all sports supplies. “We’re just kind of doing it so the girls can see that each girl can make a difference, even if it’s just for one girl,” Franks said. “It’s huge.” Players of Delsea have paired up with a Mayde Creek player to help provide a new uniform, cleats, socks, and other supplies. For the first game of the season, Delsea wore green and white ribbons in their hair with the letters "M.C." and numbers of the players they adopted. Misty Russo, the head coach of Delsea said, “Some of my girls were saying, ‘I could just totally imagine if this was us. They’re very empathetic. I think they feel really good about wanting to help this high school team out.” As of right now, there is no set date of when Delsea will be sending these packages over, but they are trying their best to do the most the can for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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Delsea vs Vineland (8-2)

Delsea Girls Soccer takes a big win over Vineland, 8-2, with 3 multi goal performances by Peyton Gilmore, Victoria Hassett, and Cassidy McErlain having 2 goals each. Also picking up a goal each were Ryleigh Huntsinger and Haley Kahana. With assists were Kayla Decesari, Madison Mace, Megan Master, Maggie Benz, and Brianna Russo.

Delsea vs Deptford (6-0)

Cassidy McErlain and Brianna Russo each have a multi-goal performance in the game against Deptford. Cassidy scores 3, Brianna Russo gets herself 2, and Peyton Gilmore picks herself up a goal as well. With assists, are Carli Busler, Kayla Decesari, and Ryleigh Huntsinger.

Delsea vs Glassboro (6-0)

Brianna Russo shined in the game against Glassboro with 2 goals and 3 assists total. Also getting two goals each are Cassidy McErlain and Peyton Gilmore. With assists are also Maggie Benz, Peyton Gilmore, and Kayla Decesari.

Delsea vs Triton (6-0)

Cassidy McErlain starred for Delsea in their game against Triton with 4 goals in their 6-0 victory. Ryleigh Huntsinger and Peyton Gilmore also picked up a goal a piece. With 2 assists each, were Kayla Decesari and Brianna Russo, and with one assist each were Carli Busler and Peyton Gilmore.

Delsea vs Atlantic Tech (3-0)

Ryleigh Huntsinger, Cassidy McErlain, and Brianna Russo each found the back of the net in their first game of the season. Peyton Gilmore and Brianna Russo also picked up an assist each.

Results (7-0)

5 0 Final
Delsea 2 3 5
Highland 0 0 0
Box Score

2 0 Final
Delsea 1 1 2
Pennsville 0 0 0
Box Score

8 2 Final
Delsea 0 8 8
Vineland 0 2 2
Box Score

6 0 Final
Delsea 3 3 6
Deptford 0 0 0
Box Score

6 0 Final
Delsea 6 0 6
Glassboro 0 0 0
Box Score

6 0 Final
Delsea 5 1 6
Triton 0 0 0
Box Score

3 0 Final
Delsea 0 3 3
Atlantic Tech 0 0 0
Box Score